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Embodying High Vibration Channeled Wisdom


The Spiritual Foundation for Growth and Expansion Course is a FREE Masterclass Series focused on helping you to understand a number of different topics and subjects that are often associated with spiritual development and play an important role in how we experience ourselves as both Spirit and Human.

The course consists of six different sessions (90-120 minutes), and the content is presented in a casual way, where Daniel explores and shares his perspective on common aspects of the spiritual development conversation.

Below Is a Selection of the Topics Covered as Part of this Spiritual Foundation Course

Spiritual Awakening and Development Course Session 01

Session 01 (Following the Energy and Slowing Down):

  • The importance of learning how to “Follow the Energy” and what it means to follow the energy.
  • Aligning with the Intelligence of Life and allowing ourselves to be a conduit of the Universe.
  • Understanding the importance of finding a balance between being Spirit and being Human.
  • Introducing our Four energetic bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
  • The idea of Resistance working for us as opposed to being something that is against us.
  • Recognizing our innocence, and highlighting the importance of Free Will.
  • Every path offers a different experience and there is no judgment, ever.
  • We no longer need to believe we are here to experience lessons and be tested.
  • The significance of reflection, self-discovery, and non-judgment in understanding self and others.
  • The power of focus and meaning shapes our experience of Life.

Spiritual Awakening and Development Course Session 02

Session 02 (Expansion and Ascension vs. Protection):

  • Introducing the idea of exploring past lives and in-between lives.
  • The importance of setting intentions and having ground rules for how we engage with Spirit.
  • Discussing the Law of Attraction, focusing on the positive rather than negative.
  • Highlighting how our beliefs shape our perception of reality and how they can be aligned to help expand our awareness.
  • Protection from “dark” or “evil” energies is about stepping into our own power and on the ascension into a more expansive perspective.
  • The role our beliefs play in creating our perception of reality.
  • The benefits of viewing protection like a filter as opposed to a shield.
  • The importance of authenticity and being true to oneself and that everything is love.
  • Reiterated the value and importance of setting intentions to assist with our spiritual growth.

Spiritual Awakening and Development Course Session 03

Session 03 (Terminology Part 01):

  • What we are shown during our own mediations and spirit journeys is for ourselves.

  • The Library and Akashic Records, as well identifying with our own vibrational signature.

  • How our spiritual models are like a child’s drawing.

  • The subjective nature of language and understanding the meaning behind the words.

  • Discussed the fifth dimension, archangels, and the shift away from the third dimension.

  • Our multidimensional nature, we are more than our perception of being a single entity.

  • The fourth dimension of transformation, and the challenges and pitfalls of different dimensions.

  • The fifth dimension of Love and Joy, as well as the sixth dimension of imagination.

  • Our spiritual amnesia upon birth into this human experience, and how it’s all changing.

  • Spiritual wisdom and the concept of the soul.

  • The importance looking for our own relationship to spiritual concepts and "laws".

  • The Soul and its relationship to us, our Higher Self and others.

  • It’s not about looking for “the” Truth, and more about the importance of personal truths.
  • The expansion of consciousness.

Spiritual Awakening and Development Course Session 04

Session 04 (Terminology Part 02):

  • Forgiveness as an integral part of our spiritual journey.

  • How we do the best we can given the thinking we believe to be real.

  • How it’s natural for us to defend against whatever we perceive as a threat to our wellbeing.

  • Being conscious of thoughts to help understand emotions and improve our quality of thinking.

  • Energy sensitivity and ways to learn how to manage it and recognizing our own vibrational energy.

  • The idea that we live all our alternate lives simultaneously, and how there’s more to it than that.

  • The relationship between our alternate lives and our current live, and vice versa.

  • Multiple timelines as another aspect of our multidimensional self.

  • The different ways people define twin flames, and how they differ from soul mates and split souls.

  • As soon as we realize we are Source everything is healed, as there is nothing that in need of healing.

Spiritual Awakening and Development Course Session 05

Session 05 (Grounding, Resistance and Playing with Energy):

  • Ancestral Karma, a new found appreciation and an invitation to release and transmute the energy.
  • Grounding and the importance of it as part of our spiritual expansion.
  • Karma, a human creation and often misunderstood; what it is and when it isn’t.
  • We choose to swap experiences between lives with others but it’s not to make up for wrong doing.
  • The importance of being fluid and flexible along our journey.
  • The detrimental effect of judgment in the process of self-discovery.
  • The balance between being Spirit and Human, recognizing that they are one and the same.
  • Resistance as a tool and friend, the role it plays in our expansion and personal growth.
  • Using a movie set (the behind the scenes) as a way of understanding the system we live in.
  • The moment we believe we know what another’s path should be, we are the ones that suffer.
  • A focus on wholeness and the innocent misunderstanding that creates layers of “work” or “healing”.
  • Healers are conduits of energy and the healing actually happens from within ourselves.
  • Releasing beliefs and stories that no longer serve us, inviting a fluid and flexible approach.
  • Our foundation influences how we engage with other’s stories.
  • Being true to ourselves, our authenticity as an integral part of our growth.
  • The interconnectedness of thought, feeling, emotion, and our vibrational energy, which shapes our experience of life.
  • Karma as a reflection of one’s own energy and state of mind in the moment.
  • Our reaction is always to our own interpretation of an event and not the event itself.

Spiritual Awakening and Development Course Session 06

Session 06:

  • The relativity of Truth and how even our teachers can use different definitions than our own.
  • The evolution of human consciousness from separation, lack and limitation to love and joy.
  • Our sovereignty, the importance of non-judgment and recognizing how our choices shape reality.
  • Integrating the spiritual and human aspects of our nature for a more fulfilling experience.
  • The interplay between intellect and spirituality.
  • The concept of divine timing and its connection to personal transformation.
  • As we expand or “heal” ourselves, that is what helps to change the world and others.
  • The relationship between consciousness, multidimensional selves, and personal growth.
  • Recognizing and appreciating the moments of divine orchestration in one's life as they happen.
  • Spiritual expansion can feel like a solitary path, which can lead to self-reflection and observation.
  • The power of a group and importance of our individual journey within the group.
  • Wisdom comes from within, via your own insights and recognition; as something awakens within.

About Our Speaker: Daniel Martinez Stahl specializes in Spiritual Development, Exploration and Facilitation. Fundamentally, he helps people to understand who they are as both Spirit and Human, and assists them in exploring aspects of their spiritual journey and communicating directly with their higher self and the rest of their Spirit team. These first-hand spiritual adventures include past lives, alternate lives, the afterlife in-between lives, and other metaphoric journeys that are all orchestrated by their own spirit team.

Daniel loves to work with people who are interested in playing at the edges of their understanding. People who want to thrive in this life, with the willingness and courage to question conventional ideas and a desire to look within to access the power of their infinite potential. People who are driven to improve their life by exploring what it means to be both Spirit and Human; who have a curiosity about existence itself, of how the mind works and about the system behind-the-scenes of live. Someone who is committed to shifting their experience into a new normal by aligning with their higher self, innate well-being and inner wisdom.

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We are all on a quest to find our true selves throughout our lives, this site and the work that I do is an autobiographical representation of my own journey and the passion I feel to share what I have learned about what it means to be both Spirit and Human, and the symbiotic relationship between the two. In doing so, the hope is that my journey can help you connect, awaken and remember the true greatness, majesty and magnitude of who you are. So that you can create the life you want to live, with even more joy, abundance and love. To learn about my other projects:

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