"As individuals, we are powerful beyond measure, and yet the reach, magnitude and strength of our energy is amplified when we act together as a group; our impact touches and extends across this amazing Universe and even beyond the edges of space and time."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Our membership community is a place were we all play, explore and deepen our understanding of what it means to be both Spirit and Human.

Grounding 🌎 Healing 🌎 Expanding 🌎 As a Community

🦋 The Spirit w.Love Member Community is a place were you can feel safe exploring the edges of your own spiritual development journey with others who are doing the same.

🦋  It is a space where we are able to ground, heal and expand in our own awareness so that we can all become even brighter lights within ourselves, connecting with our own divine brilliance.

🦋 This community is for those who want to improve the quality of their life and are excited to thrive in life fully aligned with the Truth of who they are, expanding into their greatest potential.

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Below are some of the key words used to form the vision and intent of this amazing community:

Grounding: Truth be told, many of us can benefit from grounding ourselves more. Time and time again, we are reminded that our power on this planet comes from our ability to connect with our beautiful and loving Mother Earth, and to become one with her amazing energy.

Healing: Even though many of us are healers, we can all benefit from being exposed to different healing experiences and modalities. Especially as we continue to grow and expand our individual awareness, which we all know extends beyond this particular experience on Earth. As we allow ourselves to heal and invite the healing to transcend our perception of self, we enable the healing energy of life to reach other multidimensional aspects of ourselves and impact the collective consciousness more easily. 

Guidance: We all have tremendous amount of experience, with different interests and areas of expertise. Being in a community where we can tap into each other's wisdom as we are finding and exploring our own path is invaluable.

Support: This group is not just about the camaraderie between and amongst peers but it's also about being with others who are learning to recognize the divine within themselves and in others, with more acceptance and with less judgment. Many of us have grown up not understanding our own gifts and maybe even being misunderstood because of our sensitivities or gifts. So, support is about being with others who understand us and are in this journey of life with us.  

Exploration: Going beyond the edges of our understanding takes place by learning new things but also being able to share these edges of our understanding with the other members of the community, in a safe and supportive environment.

Discovery: This is about being exposed to things that allow us to broaden our knowledge and understanding, but more importantly help us to discover new and amazing aspects about who we truly are, as spiritual beings and in our human experience.

Development: Being exposed to other experts and practitioners, across many different spiritually-minded or energy-centric disciplines allows us to evolve and develop within our own interests and practices. As we learn or broaden our skill base, this community makes it very easy for us to experiment with the whole process of learning, developing and offering new services. 

Integration: Everything we do to expand our awareness and go into new levels of spiritual experiences is always balanced with the need for grounding and to bringing our human along as a partner and an integral part of our journey.

Growth: We will all learn from each other, be exposed to ideas, modalities and approaches that will give us an opportunity to grow within our ourselves and in doing so, we will be able to be of greater service to ourselves and others.

Expansion: As we expand our awareness, individually and as a community, we make it easier to help the collective do the same. The brighter we shine, the more permission we give others to find and connect with their own light.

Collaboration: A large part of the intent of this community is for it to be member driven. The exploratory and development classes or sessions represent a perfect example of how we can all work together to help each other, and in doing so we not only give but we also receive. 

Co-creation: Not only do I believe that this community is co-created by all of our respective higher selves and spiritual team, but it is also a space were we can learn about each other and identify those individuals that we are drawn towards to co-create new services, programs and offerings.

"Exploring beyond the edges of your understanding requires great courage, so take pride in who you are, who you have become and everything you have already accomplished."

         ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spirit w.Love Community Membership Benefits: *  

🌺 The Heart of the Membership is our Weekly Open Q&A Spiritual Integrations Sessions
~ Facilitated by Daniel ~ Every Thursday at 1pm (13:00) Eastern USA (1.5-2.0+ hrs)
{Additional sessions added for other timezones as needed by members}

As the community grows, my vision is to incorporate a variety of different sessions, including: 

🌼 Channeled Conversations with Spirit
~ Facilitated by Daniel

🌸 Spiritual Discovery and Exploration Sessions
~ Guest Speakers from within and outside of the community

🍀 Healings, Guided Meditations and Spirit Journeys
~ Facilitated by Daniel and other speakers from within and outside of the community

🌷 Additional Content, Special Celebrations and Other Sessions Based on Member Requests

You will also get the following as special bonuses: 

💧 Special Discounts to Courses, Programs and Products Offered by DMS and Others

☀️ Easy Access to the Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit Complete Library of Content

🦋 Easy Access to the Spirit w.Love Summit Complete Library (when available)

      * Session recordings are made available via our member's private community page.

Come join us as we all grow and expand past the edges of our understanding.  

Spiritual Deepening 🦋 Expansion 🦋 Exploration 🦋 

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A Little About Your Host ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl  

We are all on a quest to find our true selves throughout our lives, this site and the work that I do is an autobiographical representation of my own journey and the passion I feel to share what I have learned about what it means to be both Spirit and Human, and the symbiotic relationship between the two. In doing so, the hope is that my journey can help you connect, awaken and remember the true greatness, majesty and magnitude of who you are. So that you can create the life you want to live, with even more joy, abundance and love. To learn about my other projects:

   Daniel Martinez Stahl www.DMS.lol Spiritual Development Wbg Logo_900   (If you wish, you can Read More About Me here.)

May We All Soar With Inspiration, Explore With Passion and Live With Love.
   ~ Lots of Love, Daniel 🙂❤️

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